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#AudioMo We Made It

We made it, it’s the last day of #AudioMo.

Usually we pepper the month with blog posts. This year it became apparent that we didn’t need to. Why? Well it was obvious early on in the month that you were all supporting and inspiring each other. So we kept the blog in the background and let you get on inspiring and connecting with each other.

Thank you to everyone who took part this year. Hope you met knew friends and make life long connections, cause that is genuinely all #AudioMo is about.

Hope to hear you next year.

Social Audio

We will still be running #AudioMo next year regardless of what is happening to AudioBoom. Remember the challenge is app independent.

Social audio does not have to be held within one app, as much as we love AudioBoom. We do know that when AudioBoom introduces its $9.99 per month charge to all users that some users will leave that platform.

We have an idea, why not pick the audio app / platform that works for you and share your audio to Twitter using #Audio365 hashtag. Everyone can open a search for the hashtag and connect to whoever is using the hashtag. In effect we would be using Twitter as a host for the community (Social Audio).

Just an idea.