Opinion Podcast to shut down hosting.

Sad new from Opinion Podcast App.

Dear Opinion podcaster,

We’ve been forced to shut down the podcast hosting. To avoid losing your data you will need to download your audio files (or move your podcast) before November 1!

Please read the information below carefully.

We’re stunned to see how well our podcasting app has been received around the globe. Since our launch in November 2014, there are now well beyond 100 000 people who are using our service.

From early on, we decided to allow free hosting for all of our users. That’s because we wanted it to be easy and free to share spoken stories.

However, the amount of content on our servers is now measured in years, rather than hours or weeks. And the costs followed suit. We have a small and humble revenue stream from our in-app-purchases, but the costs are unfortunately soaring well beyond that. The numbers don’t add up and we are forced to do something about it.


After many and long discussions, we’ve decided to wind down our online podcast sharing platform. But the Opinion app will remain exactly as it is.

That means – you can keep using Opinion for recording and editing. But online sharing has to be done on any of the numerous podcast hosting services availble online.

Your content will be available online for the following month, but after that, you’ll have to settle for another hosting option.


Many of you have asked us, the reasonable question, why we can’t keep it as a paid service for “pro users”. However, our calculations show that the number of active pro users are simply too low to keep the hosting service going.


In order to not lose your data, you need to download it before November 1, 2017 (in one month)!


For a full list of the hosting options available – including free ones – please have a look here:

“15 Of The Best Podcast Hosting Sites For 2017” – https://www.podcastinsights.com/best-podcast-hosting/

“The best podcast hosting services” – https://www.thepodcasthost.com/websites-hosting/best-podcast-hosting/


Many of the available services allow for easy transition from your current Opinion podcasting, to the new service, simply by entering your current Opinion RSS feed.

To change your RSS feed URL on iTunes, just log in to Podcast Connect and follow these instructions: https://help.apple.com/itc/podcasts_connect/#/itca489031e0

Once you have a new podcasting RSS, you can enter that RSS into Opinion (click the settings button in the app, and then “Redirect RSS Feed”), to ensure that existing podcast subscribers are migrated to your new podcast.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but hope you understand us.


Team Opinion


Wanna help out and SAVE Opinion and keep the online sharing platform running? Good news: It’s for sale! Please contact us at tor@opinionpodcasting.com and we’ll give you further information.

Social Audio

We will still be running #AudioMo next year regardless of what is happening to AudioBoom. Remember the challenge is app independent.

Social audio does not have to be held within one app, as much as we love AudioBoom. We do know that when AudioBoom introduces its $9.99 per month charge to all users that some users will leave that platform.

We have an idea, why not pick the audio app / platform that works for you and share your audio to Twitter using #Audio365 hashtag. Everyone can open a search for the hashtag and connect to whoever is using the hashtag. In effect we would be using Twitter as a host for the community (Social Audio).

Just an idea.

Working away

Found some bugs in iOS 11 that stop the Instagram app posting pics to the Facebook page, I think it’s something to do with the way iOS 11 stores user accounts of the apps. Instagram doesn’t recognise the Facebook account as an admin account.

Even when the #AudioMo challenge isn’t on I’m still tinkering away on stuff for it.

#AudioMo Day 30 – We Made It

Well it’s Day 30 of #AudioMo and we made it all the way to the end.

Thank you to all the people that took part in this years #AudioMo. Huge thank you and congratulations to those few that managed to post a post every day. You are so inspiring.

I hope you managed to connect with people while doing the challenge. I hope you learnt something new about yourselves. I hope you had fun. I hope to hear you all next year.

#AudioMo and Facebook

Today I did some admin over on the Facebook page, yep #AudioMo has a Facebook page, well it had two and that was the problem.

Today I decided to rectify that and merge the pages using Facebook’s merge process, thinking merge meant merge. Nope, nope it doesn’t at all.

Facebook merge basically is you keep all the likes to both pages, but Facebook just deletes a page. All posts from the page you want to merge into the main page are deleted and all content gone.

So I apologise to all that commented and posted at the original page, cause Facebook stripped all those away, no warning.

#AudioMo new Facebook page url is AudioMo

#AudioMo Day 6 Pegasus Bridge – @mcfontaine

In the text to yesterday’s AudioMo I mentioned ‘D’ Company, 2nd (Airborne) Battalion, The Ox and Bucks.

At 00:16 on the morning of June 6th, as their Horsa Gliders crashed within yards of their target, they became the first allied forces to land in France and so to start the liberation of Western Europe.

This AudioMo will explain why I am so interested in those brave 181 men.

*This is the companion piece to yesterday’s AudioMo. Billy is on the left of the picture with his trusty Bren Gun over his shoulder, taken sometime on D-Day.


The above post is from @mcfontaine on Twitter or Mark as I know him.