A Facebook Post #AudioMo

I thought I’d share with you who don’t use Facebook, or are not a part of the AudioMo Facebook group a post I just posted there.

“Haven’t given Facebook much attention this month. Been busy keeping the #AudioMo challenge supported and going. Huge amounts of posts to the #AudioMo hashtag on Twitter this year. I’m immensely proud of a project I started 10 years ago and 8 years ago on Twitter.

People all over the world sharing audio in a month long audio challenge. I’m humbled that people now look forward to June and always say can’t wait to start #AudioMo

Social media gets a kicking at times, I’m glad #AudioMo adds a positive and utilises social media for good. Great to see people from around the world connecting by using this hashtag.

That’s all it was ever set up for, for people around the world to connect. And thankfully it worked. All down to you guys and all who take part in this madness”.

All of you who take part in AudioMo make it what it is. It is hugely inspiring to see you all connect with each other.

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