#AudioMo We Made It

We made it, it’s the last day of #AudioMo.

Usually we pepper the month with blog posts. This year it became apparent that we didn’t need to. Why? Well it was obvious early on in the month that you were all supporting and inspiring each other. So we kept the blog in the background and let you get on inspiring and connecting with each other.

Thank you to everyone who took part this year. Hope you met knew friends and make life long connections, cause that is genuinely all #AudioMo is about.

Hope to hear you next year.

A Facebook Post #AudioMo

I thought I’d share with you who don’t use Facebook, or are not a part of the AudioMo Facebook group a post I just posted there.

“Haven’t given Facebook much attention this month. Been busy keeping the #AudioMo challenge supported and going. Huge amounts of posts to the #AudioMo hashtag on Twitter this year. I’m immensely proud of a project I started 10 years ago and 8 years ago on Twitter.

People all over the world sharing audio in a month long audio challenge. I’m humbled that people now look forward to June and always say can’t wait to start #AudioMo

Social media gets a kicking at times, I’m glad #AudioMo adds a positive and utilises social media for good. Great to see people from around the world connecting by using this hashtag.

That’s all it was ever set up for, for people around the world to connect. And thankfully it worked. All down to you guys and all who take part in this madness”.

All of you who take part in AudioMo make it what it is. It is hugely inspiring to see you all connect with each other.

Guest #AudioMo Blog Post by @hopeslife83

We have been reaching out to the visually impaired community, those taking part in #AudioMo this year.

The reason is we wanted to know how they were posting and sharing audio. We had noticed a few apps that our visually impaired participants had stopped working and we were getting lot of requests for others ways to share audio for #AudioMo

So we asked for a guest post by someone who is visually impaired and how they are recording and sharing audio. Hope has kindly recorded an audio to let you know her audio workflow.

Get fresh at the weekend

We’ve decided to make a little change to this years #AudioMo.

We know that a month long audio challenge can be, well challenging. This year we are making #AudioMo weekdays only. Yes, yes you get the weekends off to recharge the batteries etc.

Look forward to hearing you in June.


As you are aware #AudioMo is all in on the communication front (see the previous blog post). In addition to our Twitter account, Facebook Page, WhatsApp Group, Telegram Group and Signal Group we have added a Facebook Group.

Please feel free to jump in on any of the ways to communicate that suits you.

The new Facebook Group can be found here AudioMo Facebook Group